Air Supply – SG – 04-05-16

Air Supply – By The Numbers

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a numbers nut – especially when it comes to hit songs.  I analyze chart positions, years songs were popular, how many weeks they were on the charts, and on and on.

Doesn’t sound too interesting does it, until you use those numbers to tell the story of a group – like Air Supply.

Saturday night’s show at Wild Horse Pass will have a lot of hits – 11 if they play only their top 40 hits.

Here are a few more that tell their story:

1 – the number of #1 hits, or in this case “hit” – ‘The One That You Love”

2 – the number of songs that peaked at #2 – “All Out Of Love” and “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”

3 – the peak position of their first American hit “Lost In Love”

4 – The number of hits that peaked at #5 – “Every Woman In The World”, “Here I Am”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Even The Nights Are Better”

6 – number of years they placed songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 – from 1980-1986

8 – number of top 10 hits

11 – number of top 40 hits

13 – total number of chart singles

17 – number of albums released through 2010 – not counting greatest hits compilations

29 – ranking in top groups of the 80’s

41 – number of years together as a band

Numbers really can somewhat put a groups success into a different perspective, but you can throw all that out the window when you join me at the show Saturday, when all that matters is hearing the hits.

As you can tell, they have a lot of them to choose from for their set list.

I’ll bet the farm they’ll be playing your favorite….and I’ll be right there with you taking it all in.


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