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Advertising With Us

The Riviera Broadcasting difference! – we serve your ad to thousands of UNIQUE visitors every 24 hours.

When other sites sell you banners, they may state that your banners get 1000 views per day, but your ad may get shown multiple times to the same person, reducing your reach and value significantly.

Our advertising system ensures that each visitor gets shown your ad in the most active areas of the page. We offer two positions: “RICH MEDIA” or “FOOTER DISPLAY”. Our creative department is “In House” which enables us to provide you with custom advertising options like: Streaming ads, Video ads, Sponsorship opportunities, advertorials and many others. Our ads are designed to be combined with high traffic content areas. This provides the user with a friendly, non-intrusive, effective ad space.

We track all of our ads for user interaction AND impressions.

Technical specifications: Ads should be 300×250 tall, 1MB or less and may be in GIF, JPG or Flash file formats(SWF,FLV). Flash files should not pop up or pop under additional windows. (Flash advertising is not automated, please contact us for details.)

How Often Will My Banner Be Seen?

The number of times your banner ad is displayed is known as the number of Impressions it has made.
We LIMIT the number of ads we display to 15 in our Rich Media area and 9 in our Footer Display. The ads rotate based on page views. All of the ads are ROS (Run Of Site). This guarantees that your ad will get the MAXIUM views per day. This number is based on our site traffic. Our ads typically have a click through rate of 0.5% to 2%, but this may vary based on the freshness of your ad (we suggest updating your ad at least once every 2 weeks).

How Will I Know How My Banner Is Doing?

You will be provided with statistics for all of your advertisements. Total impressions, total click-throughs, and any other statistics are included for each banner.

How Do I Start?

Fill out the form below and we will have one of our friendly sales associates contact you in regards to your request.


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