13 Hangover Cures

E! has compiled a list of 13 hangover cures for all of you who are suffering today after engaging in Cinco de Mayo festivities last night. Here they are:

Death. The sweet release of death is the ultimate cure.

Eating greasy food. Chipotle. Waffle House. McDonald’s. You know where to go. Go to there. It’s your Mecca. Go forth and fill your tummy.

Sleep it off. Close the curtain, silence your phone you probably drunk texted someone and you don’t want to deal with that anyway, pull the covers over your head and just go full fetal.

Sweating it out with some exercise. This is a special kind of hell, because it usually works to get your heart rate up and to sweat all that alcohol out, but you run the risk of getting drunk off your own fumes again and throwing up.

Bland food. If you spent the morning dry-heaving, you need crackers and Sprite. The Taco Bell can come later.

Your choice of pain reliever. Pop those pills and fire up the Netflix. Hopefully Tylenol and a Scrubs marathon will be enough to cure what ails you.

Long shower. This only works if you’re lying down in the tub as the water washes away your shame.

Keep drinking. Prolonging the hangover will just make it worse. Trust.

Hair of the dog. Also known as having some booze in the morning to ease the pain. Some people have a giant Bloody Mary, while others do a pull of Jack Daniels. Not your best option, unless it comes with a full meal.

Coffee. So you’re more alert for the excruciating experience? Well, least it has water in it. But did you know there is something you can drink that has more water in it?Water. Yeah, you can drink actual water. Caffeine will dehydrate you, so just put some regular H2O into your system. Or better yet…

Drinks with electrolytes. Gatorade. Pedialyte. If it has that little extra something to replace all the electrolytes you threw out of your body like you threw caution to the wind the night before, chug it.

Ride it out. What are you, a caveman? Do something!


The 13 Most Cliché Hangover Cures, Ranked | E! Online: http://ca.eonline.com/news/653214/the-13-most-cliche-hangover-cures-ranked

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