Now Playing In Theaters: “The Witch”… “Risen”… “Race”

The Witch:  Was very excited to see this one, because good horror pics are hard to come by.  But after watching it I don’t think I would go with the horror label on this one.  Although I loved the cast, the story, and the setting I actually thought this film to be more creepy than anything.  When I think of a horror flick I think blood and guts and this film didn’t really have any of that.  However, it did keep me intrigued and wondering what was gonna happen next but it’s not something I would say is a must see film.

Risen:  This is the story of the search for Christ’s missing body after his crucifixion and this was another film I was hoping would be better than it was.  Except for the story, that I was a little unfamiliar with, nothing really stood out about this film.  Joseph Fiennes performance was fine and the story was the same however, I never got emotionally involved with the tale so it was only ok for me.

Race:  This is the story of American Track & Field star Jesse Owens and I was looking forward to seeing this one.  Even though I’m not a big fan of too much CGI (Computer Generated Images) I think they did a nice job recreating the setting of the 1936 Olympic Games but I don’t think they really told as good of a story as they could have.  To me, it was like they kept it simple so they could try and squeeze in more story which basically means I think we missed things.  And I was really disappointed on how little they focused on the unexpected friendship Jesse had with his German rival Luz Long.  Performance wise both Stephan James and Jason Sudeikis did nice jobs but aside from the telling of this historic event there was really nothing done to enhance this film from good to great.

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